The following terms and conditions set out the basis on which all training courses are sold and/or made by Dive Rutland Limited (Trading address to go here), “We”, “Us”, “Dive Rutland”, to and / or with the purchaser (“You”, “Your”), by Telephone or in person in the Dive Centre.
Course Bookings

  1. All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. All activities are subject to availability.
  3. BSAC Hoddesdon may accept or decline bookings, and may withdraw any offer, discount or promotion at any time.
  4. Your booking shall only be accepted when BSAC Hoddesdon have received the amounts due and have issued you with written acceptance.
  5. Courses are offered on a flexible basis, where customers can, within reason choose dates that suit them.  Once a date has been agreed however, the centre will make arrangements for the provision of staff, materials and make other arrangements, which will incur a cost to the student should the student make, unagreed adjustments to the course dates or Fails to turn up or reschedule in line with these terms and conditions.
Medical Declarations

  1. All students participating in a PADI diver-training programme are required to accurately complete the mandatory PADI course documentation.
  2. Any known medical condition(s) must be declared and notified to BSAC Hoddesdon prior to the start of any water based dive course.
  3. Failure to declare medical conditions in accordance with the PADI Medical Declaration form, which then later becomes known, will result in student suspension from the course until a satisfactory medical certificate has been gained.
  4. In the event a medical certificate cannot be granted, course fees will not be refunded.
Course Deposits and Fees

  1. For PADI Experience Programmes – Discover Scuba, Discover Snorkelling, Bubblemakers, PADI Specialties and Scuba Parties, full payment is required on booking. On receipt of full payment and a completed booking form, confirmation and full details will be sent to you.
  2. All PADI Courses require a booking in advance and the final payment is due on the first day of your course.  The receipt of part payment and booking form will release your course materials and your dates will then be confirmed.  Postage will be charged if postage is required.  Collection from the dive centre is free.
  3. PADI Open Water course pricing assumes that the student will complete the confined water sections of which there are five, within seven pool sessions.  Seven pool sessions is deemed to allow the student additional time without any pressure in the event of any skills / performance issues.  If additional sessions are required, then these will be charged on a BOOST: per session basis.
  4. PADI Open Water course pricing assumes that the student will complete the open water dives of which there are four over two days at the agreed training location.  If additional open water sessions are required due to performance requirements not being met, then subject to Open Water dive 2 being completed the PADI Scuba Diver certification will be processed.  However, the student can choose to attend additional open water training dates to complete the full certification, these will be charged at the price of a BOOST: Open Water or take a PADI Open Water referral
  5. For the PADI PRO course (Divemaster & IDC) a crewpack is also required and this will need to be paid in advance.  Only on receipt of payment and completed booking form, will your course pack be released.  Due to the size of the Divemaster pack it is not possible for this to be posted. Divemaster courses will require attendance at mandatory theory workshops.
  6. All Deposits and payments are valid for six months only. Extending the length of a deposit or payment can be negotiated before the end of the 6 months from the original booking by contacting BSAC Hoddesdon. Fees may apply.
  7. Course deposits are non-refundable.
  8. Any non-attendance of scheduled sessions will be charged at the current no-show session rate.
  9. All courses exclude the cost of entry to dive sites, boat fees and transportation costs unless otherwise stated. ​
  10. Any change in course dates will result in an administration fee for each and every change made, unless otherwise agreed
Cancellations, Rescheduling and No Shows

  1.  Occasionally students require changes to their booking dates.  BSAC Hoddesdon will assist in every possible way to accommodate the changes.
  2. ‘No Shows’ are when students fail to attend scheduled sessions without giving any notice.  Payments made for the session will not be refunded or credited to a future session.
  3. A No Show or failure to turn up on time, or at all for single components of a course without 7 days prior notification (i.e. a pool session or an open water session) resulting in a requirement to reschedule will result in a Reschedule AND a No Show fee being charged.
  4. A No-show or failure to turn up on time that does not require rescheduling will result in no additional charge.
  5. If you are unable to attend a course, or part of a course and provide more than 14 days notice, we will always endeavor to reschedule your course to another date that is suitable to you without extra charges. We do not provide any refunds and any part payments made for courses will remain in credit on said account for up to 1 year from booking date.
  6. If the rescheduling of any course involves the start date occurring after any course price change then the new course price will become payable.
  7. Failure to complete the full course requirements within 12 months of starting the course, for any reason caused by the student will result in additional charges being made to complete the course at a later stage. This includes and is not limited to not being able to demonstrate competence to meet the performance requirements as laid down by the PADI Course Standards. These charges will be for staff time, any entrance fees, equipment and material requirements, surface cover time, vehicle and transport charges etc. If you are not willing to pay additional fees to complete your course, a referral document will be issued to you (where possible – some courses do not have a referral option), which will hold good for a period of 12 months from the date of last portion of the course completed.
  8. In the event that a situation arises and BSAC Hoddesdon are unable to deliver your course on pre-arranged dates, we will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and will reschedule your course.
  9. BSAC Hoddesdon reserve the right to cancel courses if PADI Professionals are not fit to dive or if weather conditions render student diving unsafe. Risk assessment controls will determine conditions to dive.
  10. In the event that a situation arises and BSAC Hoddesdon are unable to deliver your pool / classroom hire on pre-arranged dates, we will endeavor to give you as much notice as possible and will re-schedule your dates. BSAC Hoddesdon reserves the right to cancel any hire of the pool and classroom sessions.
Personal  & Credit Card Details

  1. We are required to hold your personal details for a period of 7 years as required by PADI International Limited. We will at all times, treat your details with respect and will not share them with any other company. Credit card details are not retained.
Medical Cancellations and Rescheduling

  1. If you cancel your course or diving experience due to medical reasons we require a medical certificate from your GP within 7 days, you will be charged the listed Administration Fee for that course.
  2. If you reschedule your course or diving experience due to medical reasons we require a medical certificate from your GP within 7 days.  Failure to provide within 7 days will result in the listed Rescheduling Fee for that course being charged.

  1. It is assumed the Student has read and is aware of the Terms and Conditions of Equipment Hire as those Terms and Conditions apply during any usage of BSAC Hoddesdon equipment during training.
  2. Students using their own diving equipment must inform the course instructor and if requested provide all evidence that the equipment is serviced as per manufactures or industry standards and requirements.
General Rules

  1. Candidates agree to abide by the rules and decisions of BSAC Hoddesdon, its staff and subcontractors in all diving activities.
  2. no refund policy is in operation for any course that has been started and then subsequently terminated by either the Student or BSAC Hoddesdon
  3. BSAC Hoddesdon will endeavor to ensure students progress successfully throughout any course.  We cannot be held responsible if a student fails to attend or withdraw from any part of the course or is unable to complete or continue the course.
  4. Course objectives must be met and all skills mastered to the satisfaction of BSAC Hoddesdon Instructors before certification will be issued.
Fee Description
No Show - Open Water Session
No Show - Pool Session
BOOST - Per Session (Pool)
Rescheduling Fee - any Course
Boost - Open Water (Standard Training Day)